Frubana is hiring talents for their different sectors in Brazil, Its your time to explore a variety of vacancies and kickstart your career in the vibrant world of fresh produce.

Frubana, the innovative B2B Scale-Up at the forefront of transforming agriculture and the restaurant industry, is making waves with its expansion in Brazil. With a mission to become the largest one-stop shop for restaurants in LATAM, Frubana operates in strategic locations, including São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, and Campinas.

About Frubana: Where Tech Meets Agriculture

Frubana’s digital platform seamlessly connects the countryside with urban hubs, offering a diverse product portfolio tailored to the restaurant sector. This tech disruptor, part of Y Combinator alongside industry giants like AirBnB and Dropbox, boasts a robust investor base, including Monashees, GGV, Softbank, Tiger Global, and more.

Explore Exciting Career Opportunities with Frubana

1. External Sales Coordinator: Leading Sales Strategies to Success

Job Description:

  • Manage, train, and mentor sales teams with a focus on skill development.
  • Generate daily reports and present weekly results.
  • Analyze market trends, and propose action plans for increased sales and productivity.
  • Ensure compliance with Frubana policies and guidelines.


  • Degree in Administration, Commercial Management, or related fields.
  • Experience in external sales time management.
  • Proficiency in technology and tools like Excel, PowerPoint, and CRM.
  • Desirable skills: Decision-making, analytical vision, team management.

2. External Sales Representative: Write Your Success Story with Frubana


  • Manage customer portfolio and after-sales relationships.
  • Conduct impactful sales for small and medium-sized restaurants.
  • Reactivate inactive customers and drive sales for new product categories.
  • 100% external sales routine – PAP (on foot).


  • Knowledge of customer prospecting and retention.
  • Excellent communication skills, written and spoken.
  • Experience in PAP sales is desirable.
  • Complete high school.

What We Offer:

  • CLT contracting model.
  • Fixed remuneration R$ 1,600.00 + commission.
  • Comprehensive benefits package including meal voucher, medical and dental insurance, life insurance, and more.

3. Sales Analyst: Shaping Success through Data


  • Provide data and information to enhance the Sales team’s efficiency.
  • Construct dashboards for monitoring day-to-day activities.
  • Proficiency in intermediate SQL, Google Sheets, and Spanish or English.

If You:

  • Are proactive and believe in data-driven decisions.
  • Make things happen and seek simplicity.
  • Want to contribute to a success story in Latin America?

4. External Salesperson (Jundiaí and Region): Transforming Food Distribution in Latin America


  • 100% external sales role with responsibility for restaurant acquisition.
  • Conduct impactful sales presentations and training on Frubana App functionalities.
  • Experience in constructive sales, external sales, and technology proficiency.

What You Need:

  • Complete high school education.
  • Mastery of technological tools.
  • Experience in the food segment is a plus.

Unlock Your Potential with Frubana’s Diverse Roles

5. Talent Bank – Data Analyst: Drive Continuous Improvement through Data Insights


  • Contribute to the development of company analysis through measurement strategies.
  • Monitor KPIs, processes, and results for continuous improvement opportunities.
  • Proficiency in Excel and a programming language.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or similar.
  • Attention to detail and excellent communication skills.

6. Operations Assistant (Logistics) – Contagem: Thrive in a Dynamic Logistics Environment


  • Handle product movement, FLV handling, and palletizing.
  • Ensure effective loading and unloading of vehicles.
  • Work well under pressure and demonstrate a sense of ownership.

What You Need:

  • Complete primary or secondary education.
  • Experience in operations, production, or warehouse.

7. Warehouse Supervisor II 1PL (Operations Supervisor): Lead with Excellence in Logistics


  • Manage the third shift, and control time off, vacations, and work schedules.
  • Plan daily volume fulfillment and monitor shift KPIs.
  • Develop and present reports, experience with KPI management.

What You Need:

  • Night shift experience.
  • People management and intermediate Excel skills.

8. Transport Assistant: Navigate the Logistics Landscape with Frubana


  • Empower outsourced drivers through training.
  • Resolve operational issues for drivers and ensure fleet availability.

What You Need:

  • Experience in dealing with drivers.
  • Proactive, ethical, and communicative.

9. Logistics Assistant (Reverse) – Contagem: Drive Efficiency in Reverse Logistics


  • Monitor loading processes for end customers (last mile).
  • Assign routes to drivers and update control systems.
  • Work under pressure with a sense of urgency.

What You Need:

  • Availability to work flexible hours.
  • Knowledge of Office Package, especially Excel.

10. Logistics Supervisor: Lead and Innovate in Driver Acquisition


  • Lead new driver acquisition strategies on the Cargo Frubana platform.
  • Manage the team to improve lead conversion indicators and low acquisition costs.
  • Monitor driver behavior and propose offline acquisition strategies.

What You Need:

  • Data orientation and strong data analysis skills.
  • Experience with the customer onboarding process for B2B.
  • Experience with team management and report presentation.

11. Full Purchasing Quality Control Analyst: Ensure Quality Across the Supply Chain


  • Guarantee food safety processes in Frubana CDs.
  • Liaise with farmers, and suppliers, and manage quality indicators.


  • Engineer or technician in agronomy, food engineering, or similar.
  • Minimum 2 years of professional experience in perishable food plants.

12. Control Tower Assistant: Elevate Product Selection with Frubana’s Purchasing Team


  • Enter orders with suppliers and monitor product availability.
  • Act in the control flow process and observe availability deviations.

What You Need:

  • Intermediate Excel skills and attention to detail.
  • Focus on results and effective communication skills.

How to Apply:

Don’t miss the chance to be a part of Frubana’s success story! To apply, visit their careers page and discover exciting opportunities that align with your skills and ambitions. Join us in revolutionizing the food distribution and supply chain in Latin America!