Canada’s oil giant CNRL Oil is inviting applications for various positions in their various departments. For those who want to be a part of their challenges and contribute to the energy industry’s growth now is the time.

Embarking on the quest for employment opportunities with CNRL Oil Company in Canada? Your search concludes here! Discover the newest CNRL Jobs spanning across the vibrant landscapes of Calgary, Fort McMurray, and Alberta. Seize the chance to propel your career by applying for the dynamic positions curated in the updated CNRL Careers list featured on our website. Your journey to professional growth begins with a simple click. Explore the possibilities that await you!

The Heart of CNRL: It’s All About People

At CNRL, we firmly believe that people are the beating heart of our business. It’s not just about extracting resources; it’s about building a community, both within our operations and with stakeholders. Join us, and you’ll be part of a company that’s all about doing things right and becoming a world-class force.

The CNRL Culture Unveiled

Our stories paint a vivid picture of the robust culture thriving among CNRL employees. Whether it’s collaborating to create better communities, forming successful business partnerships, enhancing safety measures, or spearheading environmental initiatives and research projects, we’re on a mission to create shared value. Our mission statement isn’t just words on paper; it’s woven into our strategies and evident in every facet of our business.

Exploring CNRL Careers: A World of Opportunities

Heavy Equipment Operator: Embrace the Challenge

Are you a seasoned Heavy Equipment Operator seeking a new challenge? Join CNRL’s Mining team at the Horizon site, and be a crucial part of moving oil sands efficiently and safely. Operating dozers, graders, scrapers, and more, you’ll play a key role in ensuring the smooth operation of heavy equipment.

Hydrogeologist: Dive into the Thermal Hydrogeology Team

CNRL is on the lookout for a junior to intermediate Hydrogeologist with 1-10 years of experience. Join the Thermal Hydrogeology team and utilize your skills to meet regulatory and physical hydrogeology needs.

Business Analyst (EFAS AIT): Bridging Finance and Technology

Are you an expert in finance and technology? CNRL has an exciting opportunity for a Business Analyst in development. Collaborate with the EFAS Support Services team, support month-close activities, and contribute to data analytics and continuous improvement projects.

Process Innovation Engineer: Pioneering Change at Horizon

The Process Innovation (PI) team at Horizon is all about implementing new technologies to enhance plant operations. As a Process Innovation Engineer, you’ll be identifying performance gaps, proposing solutions, and working towards commercial deployment of innovative solutions.

Production Engineer: Optimize Profitability in NE BC/NW AB

If you’re a highly motivated self-starter, the role of Production Engineer awaits you. Work with the team to maximize profitability in NE BC/NW AB by optimizing production, operating costs, and capital efficiency.

Relocation Advisor: Join the Dynamic HR Team

The Relocation Advisor position at CNRL offers a chance to work with top-notch HR professionals. Administer the relocation program, adapt to systems, and be a key point of contact for cross-border and domestic mobility.

Internal Audit Analyst: Make a Real Difference

Contribute to CNRL’s ongoing efforts to improve processes and procedures as an Internal Audit Analyst. Join a professional team, perform risk-based audits, and play a crucial role in ensuring risks are appropriately managed and mitigated.

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How to Land Your Dream CNRL Career

Excited about these opportunities? Ready to take the dip? Applying for CNRL careers is so easy. Check out the list above, click on the job title that aligns with your qualifications and experience, and voila! You’ll be redirected to the official CNRL Careers site, ready to kickstart your journey.