Elevate your career in the automotive industry with exciting opportunities at Autoamerica Group. Join a major national player in automotive import and manufacturing, specializing in painting, polishing, aesthetics, and tire distribution.

Rev up your career with the Autoamerica Group, a powerhouse in the automotive products market, excelling in painting, polishing, automotive aesthetics, and tire distribution. We’re not just about products; we’re about quality and origin, bringing excellence to Brazil for over two decades.

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Positions That Drive Success

Sales Assistant: Navigating Customer Success

Join us as a Sales Assistant and dive into a world of direct customer service and dynamic tasks. From sending XML files to guiding customers through the return process, you’ll be the backbone of our customer interactions. Be proactive, and dynamic, and possess computer skills to ride the wave of success with us.

Desired Requirements:

  • Proactive and dynamic mindset
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Proficiency in WORD/EXCEL

Foreign Trade Assistant: Charting Global Success

Become a part of our global vision as a Foreign Trade Assistant. Monitor import and export activities, handle document flow, and ensure deadlines are met. If you have a flair for international logistics and speak the language of global trade, we want you on our team.

Desired Requirements:

  • Completed higher education in International Logistics or related field
  • Intermediate English proficiency

Stockholder: Fueling Tire Passion

If you’re passionate about tires, join us as a Stockholder. Your role involves loading, unloading, and maintaining tire stock. Bring your energy and experience to a team that values your commitment.

Desired Requirements:

  • Experience in manual and heavy activities

Administrative Assistant – Planning: Orchestrating Efficiency

Support our sales and administrative teams as an Administrative Assistant in Planning. Excel in integrating platforms, correcting failures, and generating insightful reports. If you’re organized, proactive, and ready for continuous improvement, we want you.

Desired Requirements:

  • Completed higher education in Administration or a related field
  • Experience in administrative routines and continuous improvement
  • Knowledge in CRM/ERP (Knowledge of Totvs is advantageous)

Trade Representative: Navigating Opportunities

As a Trade Representative, explore opportunities in the automotive sector. From customer prospecting to after-sales support, your role is pivotal in our growth.

Desired Requirements:

  • Proven experience in the automotive industry
  • Customer-centric mindset

Internal Seller: Driving Customer Satisfaction

Be the driving force behind customer satisfaction as an Internal Seller. Manage portfolios, provide after-sales support, and propose improvements for a seamless customer experience.

Desired Requirements:

  • Monday to Friday availability
  • Customer-centric mindset

Sales Manager: Steering Retail Success

Take the wheel as a Wholesale Sales Manager, focusing on the retail market. Lead a high-performance team, develop sales plans, and establish strategic partnerships for market dominance.

Desired Requirements:

  • Proven experience in wholesale sales
  • Extensive network in the retail sector
  • Inspirational leadership skills

How to Join the Autoamerica Journey

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In Conclusion

Autoamerica Group isn’t just a workplace; it’s a platform for growth, innovation, and success. Explore our vacancies, apply today, and drive your career to new heights with a leading name in the automotive industry. The road to success starts here at Autoamerica Group!