Gear Inc Indonesia presents a diverse array of job openings for skilled individuals seeking to join a vibrant team.

Hey there, game enthusiasts and tech wizards! Ever dreamt of working with a Silicon Valley-owned Game Development Studio and BPO Service Provider that’s making waves globally? Well, Gear Inc. might just be your golden ticket. Let me spill the deets.

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Gear Inc’s Global Presence

Imagine a company with offices sprawled across Southeast Asia and even reaching the far corners of India and the US. That’s Gear Inc. for you! With a spotlight on Game Development, Quality Assurance, and Image & Content Moderation, these folks are on a roll.

Job Vacancies at Gear Inc Indonesia

Why Indonesia is the Place to Be

In the world of outsourcing, Southeast Asia is the place to be, and Indonesia? It’s the MVP. Recognized for top-notch yet cost-effective software development, it’s no surprise that Gear Inc. has its flag firmly planted here.

Explore the Job Openings

Gear Inc. has some exciting gigs up for grabs. Whether you’re into moderating content, diving into IT networking, or steering the ship in compensation and benefits, they’ve got something for everyone.

Join the Content Moderation Squad

What’s the Gig?

If you’re a social media whiz with an eye for detail, Gear Inc. wants you on their Content Moderation team. Keep those short video products in check, ensure legal compliance, and be the go-to person for handling complaints and legal notices.

Perks Galore

Apart from a competitive salary, Gear Inc. throws in mental health care, BPJS Kesehatan, and BPJS Ketenagakerjaan. Plus, monthly shindigs and paid leave – count me in!

Qualifications Snapshot

B2 English level? Check. Content moderation or BPO experience? Bonus points. If you’re a fresh grad, don’t worry; they’ve got a spot for you too.

The Denpasar Vibe

Picture yourself in Bali, specifically Denpasar – the perfect blend of work and play. Embrace the flexibility of shifting schedules and a working environment that’s as international as it gets.

Dive into IT Networking

What’s the Gig?

Techies, listen up! Gear Inc. is on the lookout for IT networking maestros. From configuring internal systems to troubleshooting technical glitches, it’s a tech wonderland.

Perks Galore

A cool 5-7 million per month, plus the usual suspects like healthcare, fantastic events, and an office that screams fun and professionalism.

Qualifications Snapshot

If you’ve got a Bachelor’s in IT or related fields and 1-2 years of experience, you’re in the game. Solid networking knowledge? Double check. English communication skills? Essential.

The Surabaya Setup

Headquartered in Surabaya, it’s a hub of activity. With flexible hours and a mix of international experts, your IT dreams just found a home.

Mastering Compensation and Benefits Specialist

What’s the Gig?

Compensation aficionados, this one’s for you. Managing payroll, benefits planning, and keeping an eye on regional regulations – it’s a role for the strategic minds.

Perks Galore

You guessed it – competitive salary, allowances, healthcare, and more. Plus, board games, video games, and a ping pong match or two to unwind.

Qualifications Snapshot

Bachelor’s degree in Management or Finance, 1-3 years in the compensation game, and a knack for data analysis – you’re the hero they’re looking for.

The Denpasar Encore

Back to Denpasar, this time managing the compensation game. With a mix of pros and a laid-back vibe, it’s a win-win.

How to Apply

If these roles have you itching to jump on board, head over to LinkedIn and make your move. Gear Inc. is on the lookout for talent, and that could very well be you!

In Conclusion

Whether you’re into gaming, IT wizardry, or the intricate world of compensation, Gear Inc. has a spot with your name on it. So, gear up, folks, and dive into the exciting realm of opportunities awaiting you at Gear Inc. Indonesia!