AECOM, the powerhouse in infrastructure consulting, is offering some fantastic opportunities in the USA, UK, and Canada. Let’s dive into the details of these exciting job vacancies that could kickstart your career adventure.

AECOM Overview:

AECOM is working hard to make the world better for people. Whether it’s improving daily commute, making sure lights stay on, providing clean water, or changing city skylines, their work is all about helping people and communities thrive. As a trusted infrastructure consulting firm, they team up with clients to solve tough challenges and create legacies that will benefit future generations.

Now is the perfect time to be part of AECOM. Because there’s a growing need for their services worldwide, They are inviting talents with creative ideas and big dreams to join their global team of almost 50,000 professionals. They’ve got planners, designers, engineers, scientists, digital innovators, program and construction managers, and more – all working on projects that make a positive and real impact all around the world.

New Job Openings:

AECOM has cool job opportunities in construction and engineering. We’ve listed some of the celebrated positions below.

Cruise Control in Florida: Traffic Monitoring Call Center/Surveillance/Dispatcher – USA

Are you based in Orlando, Florida, and ready for a traffic-juggling challenge? AECOM is scouting for Traffic Monitoring Dispatchers for the Florida Turnpike Enterprise. Picture this: you get to play with cool software, manage state roads, and handle incidents like a pro. And the starting pay? A cool $18.54/hr. Now, that’s what I call a green light!

Remote Control: Project Controls Technician II – USA

For the tech-savvy minds seeking a remote gig, the role of Project Controls Technician II might just be your calling. Work with project managers, show off your expertise in WBS development, budgeting, and more. And hey, knowledge of AECOM systems like APIC, ABC, Oracle, and AGIS is a plus. Work from anywhere and make those projects dance to your tune!

Bridging Success: Senior Project Manager – Highway/Bridge – USA

If you’re a maestro in managing highway and bridge projects, AECOM wants you. The Senior Structural Project Manager role is all about taking charge, from design to construction phases. Get ready to control the rhythm of projects, client relationships, and maybe even grow AECOM’s market share. It’s a highway to success!

Calling all traffic enthusiasts! AECOM needs a Senior ITS/Traffic Engineer to lead the charge in ITS design projects and transportation systems management. Be the maestro of emerging technology planning and design. Mentor the rookies, review plans, and keep the traffic flow smoother than ever. Your career is about to hit the fast lane!

Water Wonders: Senior/Principal Engineer, Water – UK

Across the pond, in the UK, AECOM is on the lookout for a water wizard. If you’re skilled in delivering top-notch water projects, flood risk management, and drainage projects, this is your stage. Lead, guide, and support your team in creating engineering wonders. Your chance to make waves in the water industry!

Building Dreams: Senior Revit Technician, Water – UK

UK&I Water team is searching for a Revit maestro. As a Senior Revit Technician, you’ll play a pivotal role in project delivery. Work with a multidisciplinary team, contribute to 3D models, and ensure the seamless delivery of projects. Dive into the world of engineering creativity – the water’s just right!

Air Quality Advocate: Senior Air Quality Consultant – UK

Do you have a nose for air quality? AECOM needs a Senior Air Quality Consultant in Birmingham, Croydon, Leeds, or Nottingham. Join a friendly team and be part of one of the world’s largest engineering organizations. Your expertise could breathe fresh air into the team!

Northern Lights: Intermediate Civil Engineer – Canada

In the Great White North, AECOM is on the hunt for an Intermediate Civil Engineer in Calgary, AB. Work on fascinating projects in mine remediation, solid waste management, and civil design. If you’re a team player with a can-do attitude, this could be your golden ticket to the north!

Project Management Maestro: Buildings Project Manager – Canada

Calling all project management gurus! AECOM in Canada needs a Buildings Project Manager. If you’ve led complex science facility projects, managed teams, and delivered projects over $250M on time and budget, they want to hear from you. It’s not just a job; it’s a leadership journey!

Ready to Roll? Here’s How to Apply

Feeling the adrenaline rush already? If you’re ready to step into the world of AECOM, head to their website and hit that apply button. Your next big adventure might just be a click away.

Don’t let these opportunities pass you by. Join AECOM, where you can be part of building a better world. It’s not just a job; it’s a journey toward a thriving future. Good luck!